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Please Give Us Feedback on NICHCY's eNewsletter "News You Can Use"

How likely are you to use NICHCY's eNewsletter News You Can Use as your main source for information on special education or disabilities? (Check only one response.)


Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Not sure

Would you recommend NICHCY's eNewsletter News You Can Use to others who might benefit from information on special education or disabilities? (Check only one response.)


Yes, definitely
Yes, probably
No, probably not
No, definitely not

In future issues, should NICHCY's eNewsletter keep the current information sections mentioned below? (Check one response for each item below.) 

 Yes, continue No, discontinue Not sure/No opinion   
It All Starts in Families and Communities   
The Little Ones: Early Intervention/Early Childhood   
Schools, K-12   
State and System Tools   
Special Topic of the Month   
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What topics, if any, would you like to see more fully covered in future eNewsletters from NICHCY?


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What suggestions, if any, do you have regarding changes, enhancements, or improvements to NICHCY's eNewsletter News You Can Use?


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Which of the following best describe(s) you? (Check all that apply.)

Early intervention provider (Birth to 2 years)
Preschool staff (3-5 years)
K-12 general education teacher
K-12 special education teacher
Related services provider (e.g., OT, PT, reading specialist, counselor)
Education or other school personnel (e.g., teacher's aide, paraprofessional)
K-12 student
School administrator
State education agency staff
Local education agency staff
Federal agency staff
Person with a disability
Parent/family member
Postsecondary education faculty
College/university student
Parent organization staff
Disability organization staff
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Google Plus
I don't follow NICHCY on social media
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What is the first way you usually connect with NICHCY's information and resources? (Check only one response).


Toll-free hotline
Social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter)

Thank you very much for responding to this questionnaire. Your feedback is very important to us.