LAtitude March 2012 Survey

What do you expect for the U.S. economy in 2012?

Zero growth
1 - 2% GDP growth
3% GDP growth
Boom times 4% or better

How do you view your own business prospects in 2012 compared to 2011?

Much better
Modest improvement
Pretty much the same
It's getting worse

What do you project for Trans-Pacific trade demand in 2012?

We'll be fortunate to see any growth.
0 to 2%
2 to 5%
Above 5%

How will 2012 U.S holiday season imports compare to the volumes of 2011?

Slightly lower
Just about the same
Slightly higher
Much higher

When will Los Angeles get a pro football team?

When the NFL comes to its senses
We have one, the St. Louis Rams
We have one, the LA Galaxy

Do you expect the value of the U.S. dollar to result in stronger exports in 2012?


Is China likely to allow appreciation of the yuan in the next two years?

No, a fragile economy makes big currency moves unlikely
Careful, measured actions, as in the past
Greater easing will take hold

How do you see the implementation of the North American ECA in August of 2012 impacting cargo routing?

No change
More U.S. Mid-West cargo will be routed through a Port in Mexico
More U.S. Mid-West cargo will be routed through Pacific North West Ports

Do you view the potential lack of low sulphur fuel availability as a concern?


Are you concerned about fuel price increases and their effect on ocean rates?


Who will have the greatest leverage in pricing in 2012?

Ocean carriers

What do you believe the ocean capacity situation will be like in 2012?

Overcapacity - far more space than demand
Plentiful enough
Equality rules - equilibrium between demand and capacity
Tighter space as idling, slow-steaming and VSAs absorb capacity

How can a Port differentiate itself from other Ports in 2012 in a way that it matters to your business?

Port and inland facilities capable of handling current and future growth
Lower cost
Provide financial incentives directly to Beneficial Cargo Owners, even if less than i.e. $5.00/TEU
Develop Port wide truck appointment systems

How do you view the role of Port Authorities in the 2012 supply chain?

 Yes No    
Trade-enabling (infrastructure)    
Trade-inhibiting (rules and regs)    
Necessary for shaping the most industry-friendly environmental programs and technologies    
Causes for diversion of cargo    
Supply chain partners    
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How important is the “near-sourcing” trend of bringing factory work closer to the end market, primarily shifting manufacturing in Asia to the Americas?

Just more media hype
A small shift of business is happening
We are seeing the start of a fundamental change

In what segment of the industry do you work?

Ocean Carrier
Custom Broker/Freight Forwarder
Port Terminal Operator
Inland Services Provider

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