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call for proposal *Chicago October 2012 Conference
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Arts Schools Network is dedicated to serving leaders of arts schools.

Only current members in good standing are invited to submit a proposal.

Please consider the unique needs of arts school leaders.

Concurrent conference sessions will run on Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19.

Concurrent conference sessions will be approximately one hour in length and audience maximum set to fifty participants.

There are a limited number of time slots available for breakout presentations, four per service area (best practices, college and career, elementary and middle arts schools, and leadership).

Conference working theme is urban/arts education.


Note: Arts Schools Network is unable to compensate presenters who have their proposals accepted. Presentations are made on a voluntary basis at the expense of the presenter. If you wish to attend the conference, you will have to pay the conference registration fee and all travel related expenses.

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Note: Presentations related to the conference theme will receive priority in the selection process.

Theme: Urban/Arts Education 

conference theme: urban/arts education
arts integration
arts teachers
auditions, portfolios, recruitment
best practices
career pathways
classroom teachers
elementary & middle arts schools
guidance counselors
high schools
marketing/public relations
social media
teaching artists
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informational session
panel discussion
participatory workshop
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laptop/LCD projector/screen/powe-
r cart
sound, speakers, mixer
flip chart paper and markers
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Please indicate the room set up preference for your session.

banquet (round tables and chairs)
classroom (long tables and chairs)
open floor (chairs in a circle with space in middle)
panel (table at front with chairs, facing classroom audience)
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Handouts: Presenters are expected to provide/bring the appropriate amount of handouts for your proposed session (50). This handout should include a synopsis of your presentation and your contact information. Your handout should be emailed to Arts Schools Network for posting to website under conference resources.