We did not have sun, but we did not have rain or snow, either! What we did have was a record 981 finishers (25% increase over 2011!), some incredible speed and plenty of smiles. The morning was possible thanks to great sponsors and volunteers. Look at the back of your shirt and use the places and people on it. I have an important "ask" of all of you. Please take a couple minutes and fill out this short survey. It really does make a difference as I show sponsors the results, potential sponsors and share comments with hard working volunteers. I am not perfect, and take all suggestions to heart that will improve the event. All others I refer to Guido, some of you remember him from past newsletters as my relative who is in the Clydesdale division. Thank you all for participating and for those of you who were unable I hope to see you at Park to Park. Results can be found at www.trekmanracing.com And finally, please visit http://www.runningwall.com/fools-5k#comments and rate the race for others to see. The survey is private. All my best, Dave Lipinski Trekman Racing trekman@mchsi.com
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