Senior Adult Interest Survey
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In keeping with our church’s mission to love Jesus and love like Jesus, the Senior Adult Ministries Task Force is developing programs to positively impact our seniors, their families and caregivers.  The following options can be offered as 1-2 hour sessions except the multi-session Bible study.  Please assist us by completing this brief survey.  Using “1” as the highest level of interest and “7" as the lowest, please rank these subjects from 1 to 7 in order of their interest to you. 




(1 = Highest)
Improving Health, Fitness and Nutrition
Maintaining Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
Financial and Legal Planning for Retirement and in Retirement
Caregiving- Options and Resources for Caregivers
Multi- session Bible study: From Life to Life Eternal: Discussing Death as People of Faith
Residential Option- Making Informed Decisions
Learning About End of Life issues- An Overview of Choices and Decisions
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