Audience Survey for The Ringwald Theatre
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Of past productions you have seen at The Ringwald, which has been your favorite?



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Required 2.

Of the following theatrical genres, which do you enjoy the most? (choose one)


Edgy (i.e., Killer Joe, Mercury Fur)
Drama (i.e., A Bright Room Called Day, Hurlyburly)
Comedy (i.e., Book of Liz, Betty's Summer Vacation)
LGBT (i.e., Love! Valour! Compassion!, Southern Baptist Sissies)
Parody (i.e., Facts of Life, Golden Girls)
Musical (i.e., Rent, [title of show])
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If you could suggest a show for us to do in an upcoming season, what would it be?



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Which of the following is your main source of information about Ringwald productions? (choose all that apply)


Ringwald Website
Facebook Page
Mailing List Emails
Encore Michigan Website
Newspaper (if you select this option, please list newspaper(s) in Other Box below)
Required 5.

Would you be interested in purchasing a Season Subscription to an upcoming season if it were available?


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