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Academic Program Area

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M.A. in Education (Journalism, STEM Education)
M.A. in Sustainable Business and Communities
M.A. in Individualized Studies (Sustainable Energy & Climate Change)
Field Experience (Urban Sustainability)
Advanced Studies of Complex Systems
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Job Positions Available

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Green Energy Journal - Management
Green Energy Journal - Advertising Sales
Green Energy Journal - Journalist
Green Energy Journal - Graphic Design & Layout
K-12 School Curriculum - Marketing & Sales
K-12 School Curriculum - Content Management & Curriculum Development
K-12 School Curriculum - Geospatial Simulation
K-12 School Curriculum - Online Games Development
K-12 School Curriculum - Media Production (Radio & Web Broadcast)
K-12 & Higher Education - Social Media Marketing
K-12, Higher Education & Professional Development - eLearning Developer
K-12 & Higher Education - Geospatial Tour Management
K-12 & Higher Education - Geospatial Tour Operations
Assessment Services - Monitoring & Verification
Assessment Services - Database Management / IT Services
Assessment Services - Job Cost Estimating
Assessment Services - Project Managment
Assessment Services - Financial Services
Assessment Services - Optimization & Systems Dynamic Modeling of Complex Systems
The Institute will accept motivated individuals with other creative job proposals:
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