Christ United Methodist Church Crossroads Survey
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Which of these phrases best describes what you would like to see at Crossroads?

The selections below are categories that have been established from suggestions already submitted and do not necessarily represent a determined path or direction. Selecting one of these phrases assists us in putting submissions in the appropriate category for review. Please feel free to create your own category using the "other" selection if one of these does not fit your idea.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your input!

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The Crossroads Task Force


A Christ UMC ministry
A partnership with a local ministry
A place to stage relief efforts and store supplies
A place for teens and/or young adults
A place for worship services
An income generating lease
A preschool or childcare facility
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If the Crossroads property becomes a place for ministry, which of these types of ministry do you feel would be the best fit?


Impoverished Aid and Support
Young Adult
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Do you have additional suggestions or ideas to recommend regarding the Crossroads property?





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In addition to the idea(s) you have recommended, which of these uses do you feel would be beneficial?


Community Gatherings and Events
Weddings and Wedding Receptions
Family Gatherings and Celebrations
Business Training and Conferences
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The Crossroads property has been called "the gateway" to Christ United Methodist Church. What does this mean to you?




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