Public Vehicle Licensee Feedback
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Which type of licensee category best describes you?


Public Chauffeur
Taxi Medallion Holder / License Manager

How long did you wait at the Public Vehicle facility once you arrived for your appointment?


Less than 15 minutes
More than 15 and less than 30 minutes
More than 30 and less than 60 minutes
More than 60 and less than 90 minutes
More than 90 minutes

How did the actual length of wait time measure up to your expectations?


Pleasantly surprised Met expectations Disappointed         

How helpful was the Public Vehicle staff during this process?


Very unhelpful Unhelpful Somewhat unhelpful Somewhat helpful Helpful Very helpful      

How friendly was the Public Vehicle staff during this process?


Very unfriendly Unfriendly Somewhat unfriendly Somewhat friendly Friendly Very friendly      

How clear are Public Vehicle forms?


Very unclear Unclear Somewhat unclear Somewhat clear Clear Very clear      

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