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Welcome San Juan Islands Scenic Byway Explorer!
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Answering this brief survey earns you a free companion day pass (value $15) on the Scenic Byway Explorer, operated by San Juan Transit along the San Juan Islands Scenic Byway on both Orcas and San Juan islands.  Your answers will help us better understand how to make car-free traveling on the Byway easier.  When you finish the survey, be sure to print out the final page and write your email address on it.  Present it to the driver of the Byway Explorer Bus to obtain your free companion ticket.



Where are you from?  Enter USA zip code or country of origin. 




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 Have you ever been to the San Juan Islands before?


No (Please skip to Question #6)
Yes, I've visited:
Once Before
2-3 times

 If Yes, which travel modes have you previously used to get here?  (Mark all that apply)


Private Boat
Commercial Passenger Ferry
Private Plane
Commercial Airline
Washington State Ferries

 If you traveled by Washington State Ferry, did you: (Check all the apply)


Ride in a personal vehicle?
Walk on or bike on?
Ride in a commercial shuttle or van?

 How did you get to the ferry? (Check all the apply)


Bus or shuttle
Skagit Transit
Drove a personal vehicle
Rideshared with others

  Which island(s) do you plan to visit this time?  (Check all that apply)


San Juan Island
Orcas Island
Lopez Island
Shaw Island
Victoria BC/Vancouver Island

 How do you plan to get to the islands this time?


Washington State Ferries
Private Boat
Commercial Passenger Ferry
Private Plane
Commercial Airline

 If you choose Washington State Ferries, how will you get to the ferry terminal in Anacortes?


Bus or shuttle
Skagit Transit
Drive a private vehicle

 If you come by Washington State Ferries, do you plan to...


Walk on or bike on?
Ride in a commercial shuttle or van?
Bring a personal vehicle across?

 How do you expect to travel on the island(s) once you are here? (Mark all that apply)


Byway Explorer Bus
Bicycle I brought with me
Rental bicycle
On Foot
Rent an Automobile
Moped/Scoot Car rental
Rideshare/Hitch Hike

 When do you expect to travel to the San Juan Islands?  Please include mm/dd/yyyy.



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The Chinook Book has a coupon for a free walk-on passenger companion fare on Washington State Ferries - do you plan to use it for this trip? 


Have never heard of Chinook Book

 How did you hear about the San Juan Scenic Byway Explorer Pass? (Mark all that apply)


Newspaper or magazine article (print)
Facebook ad
Website, blog, or other online media

 Which of these were the main reasons for electing to become a Byway Explorer? (Mark all that apply)


Recommendation from Washington State Ferries
Recommendation from Chamber of Commerce or Visitor Bureau
Recommendation from accommodation
Recommendation from friend / family
Price / good deal
Environmental / sustainable / socially responsible considerations
Less time in the car / more time in the islands
Desire to meet locals

 Which measures have you taken to be an environmentally conscious traveler in the last 12 months? (Mark all that apply)


I researched and booked "greener" accommodations
I traveled by train, bus, or other public transportation
I walked or bicycled to most activities
I offset the impact of my travel (ie; purchased carbon offsets)
I purchased locally made products
I chose restaurants that support local and organic agriculture
I chose activities where I could learn about local stewardship efforts

 Which of the following ranges best approximates your 2011 household income?


Under $25,000
$25,000 - $49,999
$50,000 - $74,999
$75,000 - $99,999
$100,00 - $124,999
$125,000 - $149,999
$150,000 - $174,000
Over $175,000
Prefer not to say
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Thank You!  To receive your free Scenic Byway Explorer companion fare, please read the statement below and by submitting your email address to us you agree to the following terms and conditions:

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