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Please share your experiences of Streetmosphere so we can improve the program in 2012.


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What is the zip code of your primary residence?



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How did you learn about Streetmosphere?  Please select all that apply.




Friend or colleague
Email announcement
Stumbled upon a Streetmosphere performance location
Coloradoan newspaper
Beet Street's website
Social media site (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
KUNC announcement

How would you rate our use of social media and our website to inform you about Streetmosphere? Did we give you enough invformation about our performers and the locations and times of our performances?



Very Uneffective Uneffective Neutral Somewhat Effective Very Effective       
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How much does Streetmosphere influence your decision to visit or shop in Fort Collins?





 Not at all    Very Much 
Front Range Village
Fort Collins as a whole as a tourist destination
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Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following aspects of the event.






 Very Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied 
Downtown locations
Front Range Village locations
Quality of Performers
Streetmosphere Signage
Overall Event
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Did you receive a Streetmosphere Guidebook?



Are you more likely to shop at a business in the Guidebook (a supporter of Streetmosphere)?



Only if there is a coupon offer in the Guidebook
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How likely are you to do the following?




 Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Neutral Somewhat likely Very likely 
Recommend this event to a friend or colleague
Attend this event again
Become a location sponsor of this event
Advertise in the Guidebook
Donate to Streetmosphere
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Please share your overall impressions of Streetmosphere this year.



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What suggestions do you have for Streetmosphere?



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