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Required 1.

How did you arrive at our website to make your purchase?



Email promotion
Saw an ad in magazine
Friend/colleague recommended
Google search results
Yahoo search results
Required 2.

Why did you visit the site? Please select all that apply.




To make a specific purchase
To see the selection of products
To compare prices
To get gift ideas
Required 3.

Please rate your agreement with each of the following statements regarding our website.




 Strongly disagree Somewhat disagree Neutral Somewhat agree Strongly agree 
The website was easy to navigate
The website's layout was attractive
The product information allowed me to make an informed choice
The pricing of products was clear
Overall, the pricing of the products was reasonable
The checkout experience was easy
I felt that my credit card information was secure
Required 4.

How do you like our product styles in general? 




I hate it! I don't like it It's okay I like it I love it!       
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Required 5.

Which of the following best represents your experience finding what you wanted at our site?



I found exactly what I wanted
I found something that will work well enough
I wasn't looking for anything in particular but found something I wanted
What I wanted was backordered
Required 6.

Please tell us how likely you are to do each of the following.



 Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Neutral Somewhat likely Very likely 
Refer a friend or colleague to the site
Return to the site to make additional purchases
Required 7.

For whom were you shopping? Please select all that apply.




A friend / relative
An acquaintance
A business contact
Spouse / Fiance / Significant Other

What can we do to improve your experience shopping with us?



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What is your gender?


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