girls on the run is SO much FUN!

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Thank you for volunteering for the Run Louisiana Girls on the Run 5k!  Details will be emailed on Thursday, May 4th.

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Set up - Tear Down (6:00 a.m. arrival)
Course Marshall (7:30 a.m. arrival) Keep runners headed in the right direction!
Spectator/Cheer Station (7:30 a.m. arrival) Cheer for our girls! Pump up the crowd!
Pre-Race & Finish Line Refreshments (6:30 arrival)
Inspiration Village (6:30 a.m. arrival) Help out at the Goody Happy Hair station or hand out bandannas, help with sign making, etc
I'll help with anything! (6:30 a.m. arrival)
I have a middle school or high school student who will volunteer with me. Service hours!
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