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Parent/Family Student Support Interest Survey

A couple of weeks ago, we hosted an evening "virtual conversation" event with some of our Chicago area families who have students starting at WMU in the fall. The topic, "Transition without Tears or Fears" focused on questions and concerns regarding the family/student transition from high school to college. Parents and family members accessed the conversation from the comfort of their own homes via their computers and/or telephones.

We received very positive positive feedback from our participants about the conversation and would like to offer this opportunity more widely to families of incoming students and families of current students. The purpose of this short survey is to inquire about your interest in future conversations and what topics you would like to discuss.


Which of the following topics would encourage you to participate in a virtual conversation? Select all that apply.

To gain general information about the transition from high school to college
To get specific questions answered
To network with other families in my area
To help ease my apprehensions about the upcoming transition
To learn more about WMU's resources and services
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Are the above topics relevant to your family's situation?

Very relevant
Somewhat relevant
Somewhat irrelevant
Very irrelevant
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How likely is it that you would participate in a virtual conversation?

Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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How interested are you in the following topics intended to help with college student support?

 Very Uninterested Somewhat Uninterested Neutral Somewhat Interested Very Interested 
Academic Success
Healthy Livestyle Choices
Alcohol Risk Reduction
Building Relationships
Mental and Emotional Health
Managing Priorities
Internships and Career Planning
Please list additional suggestions in the comment box
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Any other comments?


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