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Blog Launch - Celebrating 25 Years!

HealthConnect One is launching a blog in nine days and we need your help!

What do you most want to read?  What conversations are you having with friends, family and colleagues about babies, breastfeeding and early parenting?  About peer support?  About childbirth?  

We need your input to make this blog something you'll want to read and share!  Can you help?


We need a title. HC One Staff has been tossing around title ideas for weeks now.  Our short-list appears below.  Is there a title here you like?  Feel free to check more than one.  Or offer a suggestion of your own.

Each Tiny Little Toe
With all due respect...
A Doula a Day
breathe. push. grow.
Doula Power
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We need a design.  Following are three possible designs for the HC One blog.  Any of these designs can be used with any of the titles above.  What we want to know from you is:  Do any of these layouts GRAB you, INTRIGUE you, make you want to READ, COMMENT, or SHARE?  Please select one of the "screen shots" below, and if you have the time - let us know why you like it best. 


HC One Blog Design Option


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HC One Blog Design Option


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HC One Blog Design Option


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We need topics.
  What interests YOU about this work?  What would you like to read about, or talk about, on HC One's blog?


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Anything else?  If there is anything else you want to share with us while you're on this page, please make your comments below.  Thank you!


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Email:  If you wish to be notified by email when our Blog launches, please enter your information below.  None of your personal information will be shared.  It will be used ONLY for HC One communications.  Thank you! 

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