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National Etiquette Week - Take Our Survey

1. Which breach of etiquette do you find the most offensive?

Not holding the door open for another person.
Taking calls or texting while in the company of others.
Talking with a mouth full of food.
Failure to respond to an invitation.

2. You receive an electronic invitation to a birthday party and they have published the invite list, as a result you...

Check out who is attending and decide if you want to join
RSVP right away, you do not want to appear rude
View the invitation and then tell yourself you'll respond later
Wait until the last minute to make your decision, you like to be spontaneous

3. You are driving on the road minding your own business and an impatient driver attempts to merge into your lane. What do you do?

Speed up because you want to be first
Slow down to let them pass, you are not in a rush
Give them the finger to let them know how you really feel
Shout profanities out the window, no one is going to take advantage of you

4. A co-worker was reprimanded by the boss for distributing an inappropriate joke email to the entire department.  In response you...

Pat your co-worker on the back for pushing the limits at work
Stay out of it, there is no good that can come from getting involved
Kiss up to the boss by offering your two cents on the situation
Admonish your co-worker for acting like a child in a place of business

5. You are at the grocery store checkout counter and realize the attendant has given you incorrect change. How do you handle the mistake?

Accuse them of being incompetent
Attack them for not paying closer attention
Give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them to recount the change
Demand to speak to a manager to rectify the situation

6. You are waiting in a long line at the pharmacy and finally it is your turn at the front counter, your natural inclination is to ...

Take your time, the others will just have to wait
Yell at them for not having more attendants available to help customers
Handle your business quickly and move on
Get into a lengthy conversation with the attendant at the exasperation of others

7. Your friend is not looking her best today, you feel it is your job to....

Tell her she looks tired
Suggest she make a wardrobe change
Refer her to your dermatologist for a special treatment
Hold your tongue, you would want her to do the same for you

8. Rank the biggest turnoff 

(1 = Least)

9. Your 10 year old came home from a sleepover at a friend's house and told you that they went to an "R" rated movie. You proceed to...

Congratulate your child, they have now been initiated into adulthood
Call the friend's parents and give them a piece of your mind
Chastise your child for not speaking up, they should've known better
Blame yourself for not doing your due diligence before agreeing to the sleepover

10. You are upset with a friend over a silly misunderstanding and decide to air your dirty laundry on Facebook.  This is a bad idea because..

Social media is taking the place of the telephone
Your friend cannot read your visual cues
All electronic communications are permanent and privacy does not exist
Your friend will never forgive you