Community Priority Survey

As a community member your input regarding future decisions regarding housing and homeless services is vital to effective change and implementation of new programs and services.  The Homeless Coalition is conducting this survey to gain your input with regard to the issues, which will be discussed during week July 22-26, 2012 at our community Charrette. 

Community based surveys are essential to vetting issue areas. Deciding which issues are covered in the Charrette is one of the most important decisions for the community. While there are an abundance of issues which are possible discussion topics – considering the many contributing factors toward homelessness – having only 2 days to hold fishbowl sessions allows time for only 6 topics to be discussed. Below are a few things to consider while deliberating the issue areas, the ones that require the most attention and community process.

While almost everyone working on the issue of homelessness recognizes and agrees that more affordable housing is needed. A more specific topic would be how to provide permanent supportive housing to people who experience chronic homelessness or are otherwise vulnerable because of untreated addictions and mental health.




Below are topics which have been discussed locally and in other communities, Please choose the topic you are most interested in for our Charrette Week and rank them in order of importance from 9 (most important) to 1.  These have been placed in Areas of Focus and are in no particular order.



(1 = Least)
Performance Measure and Accountability at All Levels and HEARTH Infrastructure
Special Population focus (i.e., Veterans, Homeless Youth and Young Adults, others) Please provide specific population below
Systems Integration including Coordinated Access and Prevention
Discharge Planning
Health (including behavioral health)
Employment and Income
Housing First (movement from shelters into a rapid re-housing model or PSH model)
Funding Planning (funding other than Gvt.)
Other (Please provide detail below)
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