Greetings, As a resident of the Rockford Park District, you are an "owner," and the Board of Commissioners is elected to represent you. We would like you to rate the performance of YOUR Rockford Park District (RPD) to help us determine the best use of public resources. We want to know which services should be provided for the greatest community needs within our budget. We would like you to complete the survey, even if you have never used RPD facilities. The survey will take about ten minutes to complete, and should be completed by an adult age 18+. All responses are anonymous. The survey contains the same questions that the community written survey has, and you are asked to answer every question in order to have your survey a valid one for review. Only one survey per e-mail address is permitted. Thank you in advance for your participation in this very important survey. We will use the survey results to plan and allocate resources over the next two years. Rockford Park District Board of Commissioners: Jack L. Armstrong, Douglas J. Brooks, Ian K. Linnabary, Nate Martin, Tyler Smith
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