Survey on P2Rx Informational Resources
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Hello and thank you for taking the time to answer questions to enhance the Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx) products and services.  This survey has to do with where you seek and find information about P2, waste reduction and sustainability.  

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Your P2Rx Region Centers: NEWMOA, ESRC, GLRPPR, Zero Waste Network, P2RIC, Peaks to Prairies, WSPPN and PPRC




  Section 1 - Respondent Demographics



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Required 2.

 Program types:


Educational Institution
Energy Efficiency Program
Federal Government
Local Government
Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP)
Materials Exchange
Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP)
Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
State Government
Required 3.

How long have you been practicing in the pollution prevention or environmental profession?


0 to 2 years
3 years to 7 years
8 years to 15 years
more than 15 years

Section 2 - Where People Find Information about P2, Source Reduction, or Sustainability




Required 4.

Please mark any of these topics for which you need P2 information to help you do your job? (check all that apply).




Climate change
Environmentally preferable purchasing
Green buildings and green construction
Green business certification
Green chemistry
Green teams
Lean & green manufacturing
P2 awards
P2 measurements
Pharmaceutical waste
Water conservation
Required 5.

Please indicate how you look for information (check all that apply):


Google or other search engine
EPA website
P2Rx or Regional P2 Center websites
Federal websites
University websites
State program websites
Nonprofits or green business websites
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Required 6.

Please indicate how you prefer to receive information (check all that apply):



Case studies
Online database of documents
Power point presentations
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube)
Training via face-to-face
Training via webinars
Web tools
Workbooks and guidance documents
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Section 3 - National P2Rx Products and Services are found on the  P2Rx centers sites around the nation.  Please communicate on how you feel about topic hubs.



Required 7.

If you had a compendium of links to information from many sources to research a topic would you find that useful?



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Required 8.

Have you ever used the P2Rx or regional P2 website topic hubs to research information on pollution prevention or  environmental topics?  If so, can you please explain your experience in the comments section of this question? If not, can you explain why not in the comments section.



No, I'm not aware of what a topic hub is
I am aware of the P2Rx topic hubs but I have not felt a need to use them
Yes, I used the topic hubs only when I was new to P2
While I am not new to P2, I use the topic hubs occasionally to research a topic
I use the topic hubs regularly to research information about environmental topics
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What feeling or impression does the word "topic hub" evoke for you?



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Is there a better word than "topic hub" to describe a collection of detailed, concise, systematically gathered, and peer reviewed information about a particular subject (relating to P2, waste reduction, sustainability)? If so, please write it in the box below. 



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Required 11.

 Topic Hubs (compendium of peer-reviewed resources on industrial sectors or topics)


 Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree Never use 
Increase my awareness of P2 practices
Are reliable sources of information
Are easy to access
Provide up-to-date information
Reduce my learning curve for a new topic or industrial sector
Required 12.

How many times have you used the P2Rx topic hubs in the last 2 years?


I have not used them
I have used them once once or twice in the last two years
I use them on average once or twice every 6 months
I have used them six to twelve times in the last 2 years
I have used them more than a dozen times in the last 2 years
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