Volunteer Engagement Survey
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Directions:  Complete this confidential 10 minute survey and receive a complementary written interpretation of the results from Volunteer Frontier within five working days.  Additional supporting resources will be provided along with an optional phone consultation. 

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Directions: Check off the circle to the right that best describes your organization's status.

"My agency..."

 consistantly do it fairly often do it sometimes do it rarely/don't do it  
Integrates volunteer engagement into organizational strategic planning.  
Utilizes the standard volunteer management practices of recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, supervising and recognizing volunteers.  
Provides training, education, and messaging to staff about the importance of respecting and valuing volunteers.  
Engages the full spectrum of volunteers (admin, episodic, direct service, skilled, leader, governing).  
Has senior management that support and see the value of volunteer engagement.  
Creates clearly defined volunteer roles and expectations based on agency needs.  
Understands the potential for how volunteers can meet agency needs.  
Sees working with volunteers more as a partnership rather than as a source of free labor.  
Utilizes a regular and fair screening and selection process.  
Gives volunteers position specific training and ongoing support.  

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Provides volunteers with regular feedback, acknowledgement, & recognition.  
Regularly seeks input from volunteers on their service experience and perceptions of the agency.  
Promotes volunteers as leaders in such roles as project manager, team leader or technical assistance expert.  
Engages skilled volunteers in such areas as website design, editing, marketing, fundraising, and IT.  
Encourages volunteers to try new assignments to promote growth and satisfaction.  

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Does the board, senior management and/or staff have a statement regarding the agency's philosophy on volunteer engagement?   
Does the agency have clear and consistent policies and procedures in place regarding volunteer engagement?   
Does the agency have a comprehensive risk management plan and adequate insurance coverage related to volunteer engagement activities?   

How well do you think the agency does in recruiting and supporting volunteers?



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What are some of the challenges your organization faces in engaging volunteers?



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In what ways has your organization been most successful in engaging volunteers?



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