Provider Partners Survey 2012
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Basic information to help us understand who has taken the time to offer us feedback!

Required 1.
Please indicate the primary focus of your organization's mission.  If you have more than one focus, feel free to check all that apply to your core business.
Basic Needs - Food, shelter, clothing, financial assistance
Physical Health
Mental Health/Behavioral Health
Substance Use/Abuse, not including alcohol and tobacco
Alcohol Use/Abuse
Tobacco Use/Abuse
Criminal Justice
Legal Services
Education - K-12
Education - Pre K
Employment/Job Training
Financial Literacy
Children and Family Services
Senior Services
Crisis Intervention
Veteran's Services
Needs for Special Populations
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Required 2.
Please indicate the current position you hold in your organization.
Executive Director/CEO
Assistant Executive Director/CEO
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer/ Controller/ Finance Director
Program Manager/Supervisor of Direct Service Staff
Direct Services Staff
Administrative/ Clerical Staff
AmeriCorps member
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 Your honest feedback will help us improve how we do what we do!

Required 3.
In terms of meeting your organization's mission to serve your clients/consumers/patients, etc., how valuable are 2-1-1/Switchboard's services?
 1 - Not at all valuable 5 - Very valuable 
305-358-HELP (4357) - The original HELPline
2-1-1 - Information, Referral & Enhanced Advocacy (Miami-Dade, Monroe & Collier Counties Only)
800-273-TALK (8155) - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
305-643-3600 - LGBTQ HELPline and Suicide Awareness Initiative
305-377-TEEN (8336) - Teen Link Line
305-631-GANG (4264) - Youth Gang Hotline
Seniors Never Alone - In/Out Bound Telephone Reassurance for older residents
Prevention - Multiple programs in schools and community that help youth make better life choices
Clinical programs - individual and family group counseling
Suicide Prevention Education
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Required 4.

How can 2-1-1/Switchboard better connect individuals, family and youth in need with the services your organization provides?

Via email referrals
Via text referrals
Via chat services
Via warm transfers
There's no need to add or change anything
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How can we at 2-1-1/Switchboard improve our website to be more useful for YOU to assist your clients/consumers/patients/etc.


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How can we at 2-1-1/Switchboard improve our website  to better assist individuals, families and youth who YOU serve to be connected with YOUR programs services?


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Required 7.

From your organization's perspective, please indicate the value of communication tools used by 2-1-1/Switchboard to help you AND your clients/consumers/patients, etc. learn about programs and services in our community.

 Least Helpful Neither Helpful Nor Not Helpful Most Helpful Not sure  
2-1-1/Switchboard Mobile Application  
Text Messaging  
Live Chat  
Fax Blasts  
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Required 8.
Are you aware that your organization is able to control the content of information about your organization in the Community Resource Database used by 2-1-1/ Switchboard for information and referral purposes?
Not Sure
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Is there anything 2-1-1/Switchboard should be doing for our community that we are not?

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Is there anything 2-1-1/Switchboard should be doing to be a better partner to organizations like yours that we are not?

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Please share any other thoughts or comments with us regarding 2-1-1/Switchboard in general, the programs and services we offer, or any other related issues.

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Required 12.
Is your organization willing to place a link on your website to 2-1-1/Switchboard? If no, please explain why.    
Not sure. Can we discuss more?
Not within my authority to decide to do so.
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