Blue Sierra Exotics Survey

Blue Sierra has been a part of the hobby and Issaquah area since 1995.  Over the years we have gone through many changes, trying times in the industry, and economic/industry declines.  In the next few months we approach a crossroad that will effect the future of BS as we know it.  Our lease in Downtown Issaquah Plaza is approaching an end, and we have to make a few decisions that will impact our store and it's loyal customer base.  Please take the time to answer a few questions that might help us make the best decision not only for us but our customers too.


In the past year about how often (on average) do you visit Blue Sierra in Issaquah  

Once every one or two weeks
Once a month or two
Once every 6 months
Once a year
Have not been to Blue Sierra in over a year
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Please rank the following product category in terms of their importance when shopping Blue Sierra.

(1 = Most Important)
Saltwater Fish
Freshwater Fish
Saltwater Reef
Freshwater Plants
Dry Goods
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Where whould you like to see Blue Sierra focus efforts on increasing product/inventory?

(1 = Most Effort)
Saltwater Fish
Freshwater Fish
Saltwater Reef
Freshwater Plants
Pond Supplies
New Innovative Drygood Products
Nano Aquariums and supplies
Plant Products

Please give a brief description on where you would like to see Blue Sierra improve?  For example better selection sps corals, better live plants, more special livebearers anything you can think of!


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If Blue Sierra was to leave Downtown Issaquah Plaza, where would you like to see us go?

Somewhere else in Issaquah or Eastside
Somewhere closer to the Southend (Auburn, Federal Way)
More centralized in Renton, Tukwila area
Obviously gas is a concern but a good fish store I will travel for
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Please rank the way you follow or gather news/info for Blue Sierra.

(1 = Use Most)
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
Email Marketing
Text Message
Friends or Colleague
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If Blue Sierra was to close entirely, how llikely are you to continue to shop our Sierra Fish & Pets location for your aquatic needs?

Very Likely I live near there and have other pets too
Likely but would have to see what the store has to offer
Unlikely but will visit from time to time
Very Unlikely I dont have pets and like aquatic only stores
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Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey!  The answers you give us will help us with the important decision facing our store. 


Any other comments or questions are welcome.



Jonas Sternberg

Blue Sierra Exotics