Decatur Area Brownfields Survey
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The City has received two grants totaling $400,000 from US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to assess locally known or perceived Brownfield sites.  

Generally, a Brownfield is a property that is actually contaminated or perceived to be contaminated by either hazardous substance (asbestos, or chemicals) or petroleum products (like abandoned gas stations).   For the most part, these are properties that might be unutilized or underutilized and are generally blighting the community.  For a more technical definition, please visit USEPA website by clicking here.

A representative Brownfield Advisory Committee (BRAC) was formed to help the City through the assessment process. BRAC consists of  Fher-Graham and Associates (Consultant hired to assist with the technical aspects), City of Decatur, Macon County, Economic Development Corporation of Decatur and Macon County (EDC), Decatur Area Chamber of Commerce (Chamber), local industries, area realtors, developers, universities and community colleges, local nonprofit organizations, local environmental groups, neighborhood organizations and any organization/individual interested in the betterment of our community and its environment.

The BRAC reviewed several possible brownfields based on the redevelopment potential, known environmental concerns, community value and blight removal.  Due to limited funding, we need your input in prioritizing these sites for assessment. The following 10 general locations have been cited by the BRAC members. Please rank these locations and feel free to add other sites/ general locations not listed here in the comments section. You can give the same ranking to more than one site. Click here to access City's Digital Atlas for the geographical locations. If you have additional questions contact me at or (217) 424-2778.

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Intersection of Grand Ave & Oakland Ave/ IL Route 48(4 sites)
700 Block of W Eldorado St (1 Site)
1500-1700 Blocks of E Eldorado St (6 sites)
100 Block of E Eldorado St (1 site)
800 Block of N Jasper St (1 site)
100-300 Block of E Decatur St (3 sites)
SW corner of W South Side Dr and Railroad Tracks (parellel to US Rt 51)
2100-2200 Block of N Oakland Ave ( 2 sites)
Intersection of Division and 22nd (3 sites)
Intersection of N Franklin St and N Water ST (1 site)
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