What could the oil and gas industry do with better data?
As we plan our free Digital Energy Journal / Finding Petroleum "Doing more with oil and gas data" conferences in KL in October 24-26, we would like to ask our readers in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia where they think the oil and gas industry could do more with data, and what is holding it back.

If you have a few moments to answer these questions that would be much appreciated!

And if you would like to register for the conference, we currently have a limited number of free tickets available,

Hope to see you in KL in October!

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Karl Jeffery
Editor, Digital Energy Journal / Finding Petroleum, London
What do you think the oil and gas industry could do better, with better data?
Pick better drilling targets
Improve reservoir contact of new wells
Improve drilling safety
Reduce non productive time in drilling
Improve production over the life of a field
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Which recent developments in data-related technology are you most excited by?
Big data
Data visualisation
Data standards
Cloud technology
Tablets / smart phones
System integration
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What are the biggest obstacles to doing more with data in the oil and gas industry?
IT Training
Adherance to data management standards
Support from management
Resistance to change
Cost of IT systems
Cost of software
Security concerns
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What do you think oil and gas staff find the most frustrating about the data they work with?
Can't find the data you want
Data is not labelled
Systems are too slow
Software systems do not integrate
Systems too hard to use
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Are there any speakers you would like to hear from or topics you would like to see covered at the conference?

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You can publish my comments but not my name (anonymously)
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