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Dear Readers -- this survey is intended for residents of the 5th Council District only because it directly impacts the infrastructure of this area alone. I ask that if you are not a resident of the 5th Council District that you will not answer this survey.

Later, I will be sending a survey of the City Budget which I encourage all of you to answer.

Since taking office in 2006, I have compiled a very long list of individual streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, alleys and other items needing repair or replacement. This list is a result of residents contacting my office or Public Works; a computerized modeling assessment completed in 2000; and my staff and I personally walking in the district via our "Shaping Up the Fifth" effort. I am proud to report that we have made substantial progress completing that list. But more needs to be done.

I have organized sidewalk repair by neighborhood so that more can be done at one time. Instead of repairing one sidewalk at a time, we group repairs together by neighborhood to get more done. I have also brought other efficiencies that have saved the city 30% of the costs, thereby allowing us to fix 30% more sidewalks in the 5th District.

Streets have been repaired/replaced based upon the Department of Public Works assessment of the severity of the problem. Funding for streets comes from several sources (gas taxes, etc.) but is very limited resulting in council members being able to only have one or two residential streets done a year.


Alleys are not considered a funding priority by the city so until we receive more funds these remain on hold.


One of the biggest problems facing the 5th Council District is that there are a number of neighborhoods requiring major infrastructure repair: complete removal of trees and replacement of curbs, gutters, streets and sidewalks. These projects require substantially more money because of their scope and I have been able to complete only one to three of these each budget year due to very limited funding. This is why I need your input.   


During this budget year, each City Council member was appropriated an additional $500,000 to use on infrastructure. Because there are so many projects in the 5th, I thought it would be proper to ask residents to help me decide which of these to fund first.


This will be the first time in the history of Long Beach that residents have been asked to set specific funding priorities.


Please review the following major projects that are in line to be funded and help decide which should be funded this year. I urge you to attend our community meeting on this budgeting process and to personally visit the location of each of these projects so you can make an informed decision.


Thanks for taking time to participate in this budgeting process. Thanks for making history.




Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske 



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Locations needing repair.
Click here to see the listing of the locations determined to need major infrastructure repairs in the 5th Council District. Public Works has assessed each area and provided the estimated costs to fix each. At this point, I do not know what funds (if any) will be made available in Fiscal Year 2013. However, should funds be available, I would like to give a "green light" to the repairs in the order in which you have helped prioritize them.

Each location also has a link to a Google map so you can see the condition. Better yet, please drive to the location and see for yourself.

Please note that I am aware that there are many other locations in the 5th Council District. However, these locations have been reviewed by Public Works and determined to need repair as soon as possible. Should you know of a location not on this survey, please provide details in the comment section.

Required 2.
Using the listing provided above, rank each of the first eight locations in the order you feel should be funded and repaired. We will take the top 4 from each list and then re-survey you about picking the top 4 for FY 2013.

(1 = Least)
6100 Block of Keynote
3500 Block of Marna
7900 Block of Torin
El Dorado Park - 2800 N. Studebaker
El Dorado Park at Los Arcos
Barrios Stret and San Vicente Avenue
Lanai Street and Rutgers Avenue
Los Arcos Street and Cantel Avenue
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Required 3.
Using the listing provided above -- rank the last nine locations in the order you feel should be funded and repaired. We will take the top 4 from this ranking and combine it with the top 4 ranked above and then re-survey you so that you can pick the top 4.

(1 = Least)
3400 Block Los Coyotes Diagonal
Snowden Avenue and Vernon Street
Tulane and Harvey Intersection
2600-2700 Studebaker (Willow to Barrios)
Studebaker Road and Los Arcos St
Wardlow Rd and Palo Verde Avenue
Charlemagne Avenue and Flagstone Street
Charlemagne Avenue and Conant Street
Metz Street and Palo Verde Avenue SE Corner
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I have also provided the following documents which show where sidewalks and streets have been repaired since 2006 and what sidewalks are currently being repaired this year.
Sidewalks since 2006
Streets since 2006
Sidewalks being repaired in 2012