Confluence Park Master Plan Survey

Confluence Park is our City's birthplace, where the discovery of gold in 1858 led to the founding of Denver. Back in the 1970s, the river was not a place where people wanted to hang out. Trash lined the river banks and the water was heavily polluted. The Greenway Foundation was created in 1974 with the mission of restoring the river. Since that time, Foundation has partnered with the City and County of Denver to clean up the area, create pedestrian and biking trails and parks and natural areas. Now Denver Parks and Recreation, partnering with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and the Greenway Foundation, is preparing to develop a new master plan for Confluence Park and the surrounding waterways for a better future. Your input is critical to this process, so thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey!

How often do you visit Confluence Park?
Rarely (less than once per year)
Occasionally (a few times per year)
Regularly (at least a few times per month)
Seasonally (just during certain times of year)
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How do you travel to the park?


What do you like most about Confluence Park? 

The River
The Lawn Areas
The Bridges
The Plazas
The Views

What would you most like to see in the future at Confluence Park? 

A place to stop for a break and rest
Water sports such as swimming, boating and floating
Annual or regular events such as concerts, movies
Social activities and people-watching
Cafes, food trucks or restaurants

What do you feel is the biggest nuisance at Confluence Park?

None, there are no problems at the park
Trail traffic and conflicts
Not enough to do
Hard to get to

 What do you think is missing at Confluence Park?


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How would you improve Confluence Park?


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 Where do you live? 

Out of state
Outside of Denver but in Colorado
In Denver but not walking distance to Confluence Park
Within walking distance of Confluence Park
Choose your age range: 
Under 20
20 to 40
41 to 60
Over 60

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