City Park Playground ReImagine Play Design Finalists Survey
Denver Parks and Recreation has opened up City Park's Dustin Redd Playground for a redesign competition. From eight initial entries, we now have three finalists for design concepts. This project is intended to create a signature playground for the City & County of Denver at an estimated cost of between $3 and $5 million dollars. Please participate in the selection of the new design by responding to the following survey.

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Please review the three submission finalists HERE then answer the questions in this survey. Your answers will be given to the selection committtee who will determine the designer of the playground. 
After viewing the three finalists, which is the design you like best?
Root Down & Reach Up
Over, Under, Through
City Loop
What is your favorite thing about the design you chose?

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Would you add anything to any of the designs?

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Which of the three designs did you like least and why?

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Is there anything else you would like the selection committee to hear before making their final selection?

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