Maine Maritime Museum Visitors Survey 2012
RequiredRequired Question(s)
Required 4.
How did you first learn about the Museum? Please select one.
In a Museum brochure, rack card or flyer
In other printed material (newspaper, magazine, travel guide, etc)
Heard about it on radio or television
Through a family member, friend or acquaintance
It was recommended by someone in a service postion (information center, hotel staff, waitress, etc.)
On the Internet or through social networking
While driving by or highway signage
I have been coming to MMM for many years.
Required 5.
How many people visited the Museum with you?
Just me
4 or more
Please indicate the age groups of each visitor:
 Under 18 19 to 25 26 to 45 46 to 65 Over 65 
Visitor 2 (if applicable)
Visitor 3 (if applicable)
Visitor 4 (if applicable)
Visitor 5 (if applicable)
Required 7.
Overall, how would you rate this visit?
Very enjoyable Somewhat Enjoyable So-So Somewhat disappointing Very disappointing       
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