Petroleum Quality Institute of America
What best describes your business activity?
Major oil company
Independent lubricant manufacturer
Lubricant marketer/distributor
Installer (e.g. fast lube, new car dealer)
Lubricant additive supplier
Do you feel there is an issue with low quality and/or off-spec lubricants in the market?
Is the issue of low quality/off-spec oil more concerning in bulk or packaged products? If in bulk, what do you feel can be done to address the issue? (please use comment section below) 
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If you feel there are issues with the quality of lubricants in the market, how concerning are the following with regards to their contribution to the problem?
 Not a concern Low Moderate Concerning Very Concerning 
Unlicensed engine oils
Engine oils that do not meet their labeled specifications
Engine oils that only meet obsolete specifications (i.e. API SA through SF)
Deceptive labeling
Inadequate engine oil descriptions for bulk oil (e.g. no reference to API rating/license, SAE Viscosity grade, brand)
Other (please specify below)
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Please rank the following tests in order of the value they bring to an analysis of new engine oil.

(1 = Least)
NOACK Volatility
Viscosity @ 100
High Temperature - High Shear Viscosity (HTHS)
Cold Crank (CCS)
Mini-Rotary Viscometer (MRV)
Total Base Number (TBN)
Shear Stability
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How important do you feel it is to have the following information appear on the invoice a customer receives when their oil is changed at a fast lube, new car dealer or any other do-it-for me outlet.
 Not necessary Nice to have Must have   
SAE Viscosity Grade   
API Service Classification (e.g. SM, SN)   
ILSAC Standard (e.g. GF-4, GF-5)   
Lubricant Brand Name   

What do you believe to be the most powerful point(s) a lubricant marketer can say to a consumer that would create awareness and concern about off-spec lubricants offered and sold in the marketplace?  


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In addition to PQIA publishing test results and advising consumers, with "Consumer Alerts" and "Don't Buys," what additional actions do you feel PQIA should take when products it reports on don't meet specifications and/or have misleading labels?


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