The Lake Lanier Association Survey

In an effort to be sure we are in synch with our membership, we'd like you to answer a few questions about the current role of the Lake Lanier Association and to provide your suggestions for future projects and services. We try to continuously adapt to our membership needs in terms of setting our priorities and allocating our resources, and your feedback is a critical part of that process.

What specific lake safety issues would you like to see the LLA pursue?
 Yes No No Opinion   
Mandatory Boater Licensing   
Increased No Wake Zones   
Boater Speed Limits   
Buoy Lighting   
Encourage More Boating Education   
Other - Please Describe   
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Overall, are you satisfied with how the LLA has represented your interests in the Tri-State Water Wars?
Not Satisfied Neutral Satisfied         
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Do you agree that the Tri-State legal dispute is a top LLA priority?
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Especially for long time lake stakeholders, do you think the LLA has made an impact on lake cleanliness-both in terms of water quality and shoreline debris?
Not Much Neutral Very Much         
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Are you a current member? If yes, please skip to the next question. If not, please tell us why you haven't joined or renewed.
Membership fee too expensive
Don't think it is necessary to have a lake specific advocacy group
Don't know what the Lake Lanier Association does
What is the single most important reason you joined or renewed your membership to the LLA? In other words, what is the most important thing the LLA does for you?
Communication regarding lake issues
Shore Sweep - lake clean up
Legal representation
Member socials
I believe there needs to be an advocacy organization for the lake

Going forward, what else could we do to enhance our value to you?


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