HOPE Collaborative Local Food Hub Feasibility Study - Demand Survey

HOPE Collaborative, an Oakland-based community development organization, and the City of Oakland are exploring the feasibility of developing a regional food hub. This new business would aggregate locally-grown fruits and vegetables and make them available  

to local wholesale, retail and institutional customers in Oakland and the Bay Area. The food hub might also provide light processing and/or commercial kitchen space for local food entrepreneurs.


The purpose of this survey is to determine interest, quantify demand, and better understand requirements among potential customers of a regional food hub. This survey will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. All survey respondents will have the opportunity to see the results of the study and provide additional input.


This is only a survey and your responses are not binding in any way. All survey information will be kept strictly confidential. Responses will be reported in the aggregate only for the purpose of this study. The data will be collected by the study consultants and will not be shared with other staff or individuals not directly responsible for the creation of the report.


Please complete the survey by October 13, 2012. You may skip questions that do not pertain to your operation.


Thank you for your participation. Please forward the survey to others who may be interested!

1. Please describe your organization.
Restaurant - group
Restaurant - independent
Grocery - chain
Grocery - independent full line store
Grocery - corner store
Distributor - broadline
Distributor - specialty produce
Institution - healthcare
Institution - governmental
Institution - corporate
Institution - K-12 schools
Institution - other academic
Other Foodservice - Describe Below
Other Non-foodservice - Describe Below
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