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Established in 1997, the River North Residents' Association is a non-profit resident advocacy organization that works with city officials, local businesses and other stakeholders to protect and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Member Cards are offered free of charge (2 per household) to all individual RNRA Members and residents of Member Homeowners' Associations.   

Additional cards, and cards for non-members, may be purchased for just $25 each.

Please complete and submit the simple form below to obtain your card(s).


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Member Cards will be mailed to all recipients. Please provide your address and contact information. 

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If you reside in one of the properties listed below, or you are an Individual Member of the RNRA, you are eligible to receive a free Member Card!

30 W. Erie
33 W. Huron
33 W. Ontario (Millennium Center)
110 W. Superior
215 W. Illinois (Anchor Lofts)
222 W. Erie (Flair Tower)
300 N. State (Marina Towers)
303 W. Ohio (Silver Tower)
319 W. Erie (Bella Terra)
333 W. Hubbard (Union Square Lofts)
340 W. Superior
345 N. LaSalle (Sterling Private Residences)
353 W. Chicago (Chicago River North Condos)
360 W. Illinois (The Sexton)
400 N. LaSalle
400 W. Ontario (Gallery 400)
411 W. Ontario (Ontario St Lofts)
420 W. Grand
420 W. Ontario
433 N. Wells
435 W. Erie/375 W. Erie (Erie Center)
469 W. Huron (Parc Huron)
500 W. Superior (Montgomery)
510 W. Erie (Erie on the Park)
520 W. Huron  (River North Commons)
520 N Kingsbury (Kingsbury Plaza)
545 N Dearborn (Grand Plaza)
550 N. Kingsbury (River Bank Lofts)
600 N. Kingsbury (Park Place)
630 N. Franklin
635 N. Dearborn (The Caravel)
645 N. Kingsbury (Admiral's Point)
653 N. Kingsbury (Kingsbury on the Park)
700 N. Larrabee (River Place)
720 N. Larrabee (Two River Place)
758 N. Larrabee (One River Place)
900 N. Larrabee (Domain)
Tuxedo Park Condominium Association
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2 cards are offered free of charge to each member-household. If your property does not appear in the list above and you are not an Individual Member, don't worry, you can still purchase Member Cards for just $25.00 each. Members may also purchase additional cards for just $25 each.
Yes, my property is on the RNRA list, or I am an Individual Member, so please send my 2 free cards.
Yes, my property is on the RNRA list or I am an Individual Member, but I want more than 2 cards. I will pay $25 for each additional card by PayPal or credit card using the link at the end of this form.
I do not currently reside in a Member-Property and am not an Individual Member, but would like to purchase Member Cards. I will pay $25 each by PayPal or credit card using the link at the end of this form.
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The RNRA is always on the lookout for community-spirited people who want to help make this a better place to live and work.  May we contact you about getting involved?

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Please feel free to share any thoughts or questions.  All responsible feedback is welcome and appreciated!


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