Downtown Morton Plaza
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The Morton Economic Development Council, in partnership with the Village of Morton, is working with the Farnsworth Group this summer to develop a detailed design for the new Downtown Morton Plaza.  The first plaza design idea was recently unveiled.  We would welcome your feedback on that design.  Please take a moment to share your comments on the concept below.  A PDF of the design can be downloaded at if you would like to look at the concept in closer detail.

We would like as much input as possible, so please feel free to forward this survey link to anyone else you know who lives or works in the Village of Morton!  This survey will close on Friday, August 10th at Noon.

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The following areas are included in the proposed design.  Please rate your degree of satisfaction with the location, appearance, size, and design of each area.
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Veterans Memorial
Children's Gated Playground with treehouse, musical garden, water ball, & pumpkin climbing sculptures
Shaded Seating Area with tables and chairs
Interactive Water Feature including leaping water jets and water steps
Small Entertainment Area with terraced seating and a small covered stage
Public Restrooms
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Please further explain any areas you disliked above.  Why do you dislike them and how can we improve the design?

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