First Church Green Team Environmental and Creation Awareness Survey
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The mission of the Green Team is "to promote environmental stewardship so that we may respect, enjoy and preserve God's gift of life on Earth." In its effort to help the Church become more environmentally aware and engaged, the Green Team would very much appreciate hearing your thoughts in this brief survey.

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Current Interests

As a part of the First Church community, I want to know more about education and actions the church can undertake-or is already undertaking-to promote environmental stewardship. Please check all that may apply:

Biblical and other faith perspectives on caring for the Earth
Programs for incorporating environmental issues in church education
Church efforts to promote energy and water conservation, recycling, and transportation efficiency
Nutrition projects involving local, seasonal, organic food
Outreach projects that support a healthier environment or sustainable community
United Church of Christ or other denominational projects to promote environmental stewardship
Projects to promote environmental justice
Efforts to communicate with the church community about green initiatives
Required 2.
growing some of my own food
buying locally grown food
buying organic food
changing lightbulbs to florescent or LED
installing solar panels
reducing driving
driving a hybrid or electric car
walking, biking, using public transportation to cut down on driving
buying carbon offsets
membership in environmental organizations or committees
contributing to environmental organizations financially
getting involved in direct action or service that is environmentally focused
recycling items at the Cellar Thrift Shop
praying for the Earth
flushing the toilet less often
disposing of waste harmful to the environment in a responsible way
voting for political candidates that advocate for the environment
writing to or calling politicians concerning environmental issues
If you would like to know more about how you can become involved with the green initiatives at First Congregational Church of Berkeley please enter the information indicated below. Your information will only be used by the Green Ministry Team to contact you about its activities and events. It will not be shared. (This information is not required to complete the survey.)

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