GWAVA Mobility and Archiving Survey
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At GWAVA, we are looking towards the future, setting our development plans and priorities. We would appreciate your input and feedback by taking this quick survey. By filling out the survey, you will be entered to win an Apple iPad. Good luck and thanks!

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In regards to your messaging system, what is your biggest concern? (1=no concern; 5=extreme concern)
Moving to the cloud
Mobile device management
Archiving / compliance
Social media archiving
Other (specify in comment section)
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Which mobile device management issues are your biggest concerns? (Please rank)

(1 = Least)
Archiving messages from multiple mobile devices
Archiving for social networks
Archiving for collaboration systems
Compliance to retention policies
Security at the endpoint
Other (specify in comment section)
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Please indicate the types of mobile devices you are supporting at your organization (estimate percentage of total smartphone usage):
 None 1-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100% 
How concerned are you about meeting open records laws, compliance laws (SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, etc.) and/or protecting yourself from litigation?
Not concerned
Somewhat concerned
Quite concerned
Very concerned

When archiving your messaging system(s), please rate your biggest challenges and concerns.

 Not a concern A bit of a concern Quite a concern A big concern  
Cost of hardware / software  
Ease of access to the archives (both e-discovery and user access)  
Managing personal devices  
Time to deploy and maintain the archiving system  
Archiving of social media  
Compliance with legal regulations  
Compatibility with other storage systems  
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What do you view as strong points for GWAVA Retain as compared to its competition?
Features and functionality
Ease of deployment / ease of use
Ability to archive social media as well as email and collaboration software
Ability to integrate Retain with current or future system
Quality of pre-sales and post-sales support
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Please share your feedback or comments on Retain or on GWAVA in general. 

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