Monadnock Buy Local FAN Survey
How do you support locally-owned businesses?
Shop local first
Shift 10% of what I purchase to locally-owned businesses
Give gifts or gift certificates from locally-owned businesses
Shop at farmers' markets, farmstand or subscribe to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm
Encourage friends and neighbors to buy local
Monadnock Buy Local is a network of locally owned and independent businesses, organizations & citizens working to build a strong local economy and a vibrant community.
Do you look for the MBL MemberĀ  decal when you shop?MBL Logo
Not yet!
What helps you stay informed of MBL's activities and events?
Facebook Page
Monthly Fan E-Updates
Other MBL Members
Monthy Monadnock Shopper News Articles
Have you picked up a free copy of the Monadnock Buy Local 2012 - 2013 Buy Local Guide?
Yes, I am using it.
Yes, but I haven't looked it over yet.
No, but I've seen them.
No, I didn't know there was a directory.