Partner Orientation Video Questionnaire
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Required 1.
What year did the ClimateWise program start?

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Required 2.
What is the City's goal for reducing carbon emissions?
20% reduction below 2005 levels, by 2020
5% reduction below 2005 levels, by 2020
80% reduction below 2005 levels, by 2020
30% reduction below 1990 levels, by 2020
Required 3.
What are the benefits of reducing carbon emissions?
Economic development - job creation, attraction and retention
Environmental protection goals - air pollution reduction, reduce filling of landfills, water conservation
Cost savings
All of the Above
Required 4.
What is the largest contributor to community carbon emissions?
Ground Travel
Air Travel
Natural Gas
Required 5.
Why are ClimateWise partners so important?
ClimateWise partners help other partners achieve their goals
Help meet 40% of City's overall emission reduction goals
Growing number of projects completed each year
All of the above
Required 6.
What was the total program carbon emissions avoided in 2011?
15,000 metric tons CO2e
136,000 metric tons CO2e
149,000 metric tons CO2e
400,000 metric tons CO2e
Required 7.
How many meetings do you need to attend each year to achieve the silver level?
Required 8.
What types of projects count for ClimateWise reporting?
Start solid waste/recycling program
Upgrade to ENERGY STARĀ® appliances
Aerator replacement
All of the above
Required 9.
Seasoned partners are available to mentor or to simply answer questions about the program. Would you like to be matched with a partner mentor? (If yes, please provide contact information in comment box below.)
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Required 10.

Now that you have watched the Partner Orientation video, do you feel comfortable reporting a project?

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Required 11.
Do you need additional information or assistance? (If "Yes," please put your contact information in the comment box.)
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