2012 Members Satisfaction Survey

How valuable do you find each of the following attributes of membership?

 Not at all valuable Very valuable 
Written publications providing ethical, political outreach, and technical information/updates.
Annual Educational Conference Program
Local Chapter Meetings
Advocacy at federal, state, and local levels for the interest of PE's
Job board and career center
Networking with other members
Website content
Student mentoring programs like Mathcounts, Engineering Collage Scholarships and Engineers Week
Online webinars
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Overall, rate your satisfaction with each of the following aspects of your membership.
 Not at All Satisfied Very Satisfied 
Local Chapter meeting and events
Communication in the publications and email news and announcements
State annual conference
National online classes
How likely are you to do each of the following?
 1 - Very unlikely 5 - Very likely 
Recommend this association to friends or colleagues
Renew your membership
Attend upcoming association events
How would you rate the investment you make in PEO dues each year relative to the benefits you receive?
Very Poor Value Excellent Value       
What suggestions do you have for us to improve the value of your membership?

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