Cape & Plymouth Business Reader Survey

Cape & Plymouth Business magazine, the monthly publication focusing on the business community and economic development of the Cape Cod, Islands, Plymouth and South Shore region, is seeking input from its readers. As part of our continuous efforts to improve Cape & Plymouth Business, we are conducting a readership survey.

The survey should only take a few minutes of your time and is anonymous.

Thank you for helping to make Cape & Plymouth Business a better publication.
How often do you typically read Cape & Plymouth Business?
Every issue
Most issues
Occassional issues
Never read an issue
How much of each magazine do you read?
All of it
Most of it
Some of it
None of it
How would you rate your interest in the magazine on a monthly basis?
Look forward to reading it every month
When you find the time, flip through the pages and read articles that catch your eye
Receive it just to pass on to employees/colleagues, but don't usually look at it yourself
No interest in the magazine at all

How long do you typically keep an issue of the magazine?

More than one month
Up to one month
Up to one week
Do you prefer to read Cape & Plymouth Business ...
In print
If there were additional content from Cape & Plymouth Business available only online, how likely are you to go to the website and read it?
Very likely
A little
Not at all likely

Which of the following do you regularly read in Cape & Plymouth Business? (check all that apply)

To our readers
A Moment With
By the Numbers
Business Tidbits
Business Calendar
News and Moves
Real Estate Update
Chambers of Commerce News
New Businesses
Feature articles such as Entrepreneurial Spirit, Enterprising Women, Legacy, Creative Economy
News Briefs
Beacon Hill News
Scene & Heard
Cover Story
Business Toolbox articles
Last Word
Please suggest any new topics that you wish Cape & Plymouth Business would cover:

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Please rate the quality of Cape & Plymouth Business on the following:
 Excellent Good Average Poor Very Poor No Opinion 
Ease of reading
Layout and design
What is it that you like most about Cape & Plymouth Business?

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What is it that you like least about Cape & Plymouth Business?

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Are there any changes or improvements you would like to suggest?

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