Recently there have been some changes in the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act that impact Chambers of Commerce and all not-for-profit corporations. As a result of these changes, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has recommended that the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce register under the Federal Board of Trade Act (BOTA).


By registering under the Federal Board of Trade Act, we will need to effectively wind down the existing corporation and register as a new corporation under the BOTA. We have the opportunity to step back and consider registering the new entity under a new name. The names Chamber of Commerce & Board of Trade are essentially the same organizations. We are asking our members for their feedback and opinions.


Considering all aspects of our town - our past, our present and our future - our businesses, our local marketplace and our community - in your opinion, which name do you prefer: Newmarket Chamber of Commerce or Newmarket Board of Trade?


We can register under the BOTA with either name, based on your perceptions, what would be your preference moving forward? Complete this short (approximately 3 minutes) survey.

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