UAH Distance Learning Student Experiences Survey
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  Welcome to the UAHuntsville Distance Learning Student Satification Survey 



Please take 3-5 minutes to share your thoughts with us on this survey regarding your experiences this semester with the Distance Learning course(s) in which you were enrolled. Your feedback is essential to improving our processes, procedures, and course/program offerings at UAHuntsville through DL.

Please complete one survey per course-- After you have completed the evaluation, please click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form. Thank you!


Required 1.


For which semester are you completing this Distance Learning evaluation? (You may select other if you would like to complete an evaluation for a course in a term not listed here; please note what term in the comment block below this question). 

Fall 2012
Summer 2012
Spring 2012
Fall 2011
Required 2.


What program of study are you currently pursuing with us? If your program is not listed, please select Other and fill in your program of study. If you have not yet declared an area of study, or are pursuing multiple areas, please select the program under which you have completed most of your coursework so far.    

Business Administration MBA
Civil Engineering MSE
Civil Engineering PhD
Computer Engineering MSE
Computer Engineering PhD
Electrical Engineering MS
Electrical Engineering PhD
Industrial & Systems Engineering/Engineeri-
ng Mgmt MSE
Industrial & Systems Engineering/Engineeri-
ng Mgmt PhD
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MSE Mechanical
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MSE Aerospace
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering PhD
Software Engineering MSSE
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Required 3.

How did you hear about this distance learning course/program? (Please select all that apply) *.

Advisor/faculty member
UAH Website/UAH Online Course Schedule
UAH Distance Learning Newsletter
UAH Distance Learning Website (
Relative or friend
Attended a recruitment event in which this course/program was advertised
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Required 4.

How often during this semester did you participate in the following activities relating to your Distance Learning class?

 Never 1-2 times/semester 3-6 times/semester 7 or more times/semester  
Angel or other Course Management System (if other--please note which one below)  
Telephone calls with professor or fellow students  
Email with professor or fellow students  
Live chat with professor or fellow students, such as through Skype, MSN, GChat, or other tools  
On-Campus meetings/Office Visits with professor or fellow students  
Other--please note form of communication used in comment block below  
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Required 5.

Rate your satisfaction with assistance of Distance Learning staff this semester:

Least Helpful Needs Some Improvement Average Above Average Most Helpful       
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Required 6.

Why did you decide to take this Distance Learning  course with us this semester? (Select all that apply)

It fits best with my work schedule.
It fits best with my family responsibilities.
It helps with current transportation limitations/ I live too far from campus.
I enjoy learning in the online/DL environment.
Required 7.

How do we rate on the following attributes, compared to what you would expect of other comparable universities? If you rate below "Average" on anything, please tell us in the Comment box how we could improve and better meet your expectations.

 Well Below Average Below Average Average Above Average Well Above Average 
Technological Developments
On-time delivery of materials
Program/Course Offerings
Quality of Faculty Teaching Courses
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How likely are you to take another course through Distance Learning at UAHuntsville again?

Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
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Required 9.

Have you ever recommended us to others?

No, never recommended, but likely would
No, never recommended, and likely would not
Have recommended once or twice
Have recommended 3 or more times

Do you have any additional suggestions for us to aid in improving our program?


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