San Francisco Youth Commission Community Feedback Survey

Welcome to the San Francisco Youth Commission's community feedback site!

This is a space to share which of the issues currently being worked on by SF youth commissioners are most important to you. It is also a space to let us know about issues that are up for you and your community that you would like to see addressed by the Youth Commission. Keep in mind, you can always bring your concerns directly to a committee or full Youth Commission meeting. Check out our site: for an updated meeting calendar or to access an agenda item request form.

Thanks for participating! We hope to follow up with you about your concerns and the commission's ongoing work!
The purpose of this survey is to be able to follow up with you about issues of concern to you and your community. Please tell us how to best get in contact with you:

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Which type of employment-related issues are of the most importance to you?
Summer jobs programs
Employment opportunities for undocumented youth
School credit for work/job experience
Employment for young veterans
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What type of juvenile-justice related issues are of particular importance to you?
Access to the recreation yard at juvenile hall
Whether parole officers should be armed
Whether SFPD officers will be armed with tasers
Police training on interacting with youth
The role of police in schools
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What education-related issues are of particular importance to you?
Access to MUNI and other transit on the way to school
Deferred Action and other issues effecting undocumented youth
Inclusion of special education students
Access to credit recovery programs
School safety
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What issues related to transitional-age youth, LGBTQ youth, or housing are of particular concern to you?
Access to affordable housing for transitional age youth
Assessment of housing programs serving transitional age youth
Eviction-prevention and rent control
Staff training on LGBTQ issues for youth-serving organizations
Expanding access to drop-in services for TAY youth.
Effects of the city's Sit/Lie ordinance on youth.
Issues effecting the safety and health of sex workers
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Other concerns youth commissioners are exploring that may be of importance to you:
Displacement of families and communities of color in SF
Improving youth access to SF's rec centers
Improving mental health awareness and service access for youth
Improving access to health and wellness services
Pedestrian safety
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