Sanitation Opinion Survey
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We want to hear from you. The City of Brookhaven is reaching out to residents for feedback and input regarding DeKalb County sanitation services. 

DeKalb County currently provides sanitation services to the residents of the City of Brookhaven.  DeKalb County's weekly sanitation service includes household garbage pick-up two times a week and recycling and yard debris pick-up once a week. DeKalb County's annual fee for these services is $265.

The County is considering making changes to the sanitation schedule. DeKalb is examining whether it should keep the current schedule but charge residents a fee of $305 annually or keep the annual current fee of $265 but reduce household garbage pick-up to once per week.

We are seeking residents' input so that we can inform the County on the type of service Brookhaven desires. Please take a moment to answer the following questions and voice your opinion on the matter.

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In light of DeKalb County's consideration of sanitation service adjustments, how many times per week would you like garbage pick-up from DeKalb County?
One time per week ($265/year)
Two times per week ($305/year)
Which is more important to you, the cost of sanitation services or the number of times per week that garbage is collected?
Cost of sanitation services is most important to me
Number of times per week that garbage is collected is most important to me
They are equally important to me
Neither is important to me
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