ePremium is working to prove a concept that will ideally result in saving your organization money.  ePremium hypothesizes that an apartment community that requires renters insurance as a condition of occupancy should also have lower commercial property claims and losses.  As a result of the lower claims and lower losses, those same apartment communities should also expect lower commercial property and general liability insurance rates.  Your input will be used as part of an actuarial study that will help to prove, or disapprove, that concept.

The data you provide will be aggregated into a more comprehensive study. The facts will not be shared with others nor will anyone other than those involved in this study have access to your information.

Please address the questions provided here and complete the study with your ePremium sales representative. If you have questions, feel free to contact your ePremium sales representative or call Dennis Yeatman at (858) 245-0319 for clarification.

It is our ultimate hope to provide you with an improved risk management profile and substantially lower commercial property insurance premiums.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Chad Scott
President, ePremium
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