To those who have left the church of Christ,
I want to start by personally thanking you for taking this survey. I know your time is very valuable, so I've tried to minimize the questions and make it very quick and easy to take. I tried to keep it around 25 questions...and believe most people can complete it in about 10 minutes.

I also recognize some of you taking this survey may have some "scars" from your experience with the church of Christ. I want to personally apologize for that--and while my apology won't fix it, please know there are individuals out there who care. This survey is all about you--and as such I am trying to find out information about you and why you chose to leave the church of Christ. If you know of others who have left the church of Christ please feel free to pass this along to them as well.

Please be reassured I will not pester or solicit you in any way. All answers will be batched together and reported in a way that does not recognize anyone in particular (in other words, you will remain anonymous!). Thanks again for your time. If you have further questions or would like to share more about your experience please feel free to email me at For anyone who has not completely closed the door on the church of Christ and would be willing to talk about it please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
Brad Harrub
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