Plato's Closet Store Experience Survey
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Please tell us about your recent shopping experience in our store so we can best meet your needs.
At which store did your most recent experience take place?
Cordova Location: 2200 N. Germantown Pkwy
East Memphis Location: 4760 Poplar Ave
Southaven Location: 7090 Malco Blvd
Collierville Location: 1204 W. Poplar Ave

What was the date of your visit and approximate time? 


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What sparked your most recent visit to our store?
Wanted something I know you sell
Someone recommended the store
Saw the store front while walking or driving by
Saw the website while searching the internet
Saw it mentioned on Facebook
Saw it mentioned on Twitter
Saw it mentioned on Instagram
Heard an ad on the radio
Heard an ad on Pandora
Saw an ad on TV
Please rate your level of agreement with these statements about the store personnel.
 Strongly agree Somewhat agree Neutral Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree 
The staff greeted me warmly when I arrived
The staff was professional
The staff was knowledgeable about our merchandise
The staff was attentive to my needs
The staff was courteous and polite
The staff was well groomed
The staff provided helpful suggestions
The staff let me take my time shopping without feeling rushed
The staff let me choose what fit my needs without feeling pressured
Why did you visit the store?
To purchase something specific / wanted to see the selection
Brought items in to see if they met the current buying needs / wanted to learn more about the buying process
To both make a purchase and to see if any of my personal items met the current buying needs