Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester Survey

Our Parish Service Committee provides a lay, caring ministry to the congregation.  We work with our Minister to respond to the needs of our friends at UUCW during times of short or long-term illness, personal crisis or when home-bound.  Listed below are some of the services we provide.


If you know of someone in the congregation who may need our services or if you are able to help when we occasionally need assistance to provide some of these services, please CHECK the service below and fill in the contact information. We will add you to our volunteer list and will contact you as the need arises.


Please give the completed survey to any of the following Parish Service Committee members: Carole Carmichael, Susan Crossley, Doris Horgan, Lynn Ritchie, Ruth Silver and Barbara Wahlstrom.


Any questions, please contact Susan Crossley (scrossley930@gmail.com) or Rev. Aaron Payson (arpayson@charter.net).


Please Note: We update this survey yearly so even if you have previously filled out this survey, we would appreciate you filling it out again.  Thank you for your support.

Please indicate below any of the activities for which you are willing to volunteer.
Visit someone at a health-care facility or home.
Provide transportation for a medical visit, an errand or a ride to church.
Prepare a meal.
Offer short-term respite child care.
Offer short-term respite adult care.
Offer short-term emergency housing.
Bring food or serve at a memorial service.
Provide limited emergency assistance (i.e. snow shoveling, yard work, etc.
Provide short-term advice in your area of expertise. (indicate area in "comment" area below.
Share medical equipment that you are no longer using. (indicate type of equipment in "comment" area below)
Send a get-well greeting or make a phone call.
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Please inform us if you know someone in the congregation who is in need of PSC services.

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Are you interested in serving on the Parish Service Committee? (Montly meetings held to plan committee activities)
Please share any other comments you would like the PSC to hear

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                                     Thank you for your consideration! 

           "You will be cared for.  And you will be called upon to care for others."