HCX | Haiti Film Fest Survey
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This survey is intended to help us improve our future programs and better serve you! Thank you for your time.
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Did you attend the HCX | Haiti Film Fest 2013?

I only attended Opening Night

Did you attend the first HCX | Haiti Film Fest in 2011?

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How did you learn about Haiti Film Fest?
Via the print or online media (e.g. newspaper, magazine, blog, street posters, etc). Please indicate where in the Comment section.
Business network
Via HCX emails
Through a friend
Via social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc). Please indicate where in the Comment section.
While passing the event location
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Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following and feel free to expand your answer in the comment section.

 Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Neutral Somewhat Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied 
Selection of films
Post-screening Q & A's
Ease of access to festival locations
Overall quality of the event
Experience with staff & volunteers
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Why did you attend? Select all that apply.
For networking
Interest in film
Interest in Haitian culture
To support the organization
You know the organizers or participants

We would love to hear more about your suggestions for our future Haiti Film Fest. What do you think was done well and what can we improve?


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How likely are you to attend our next film festival?
Very likely Somewhat likely Unsure Somewhat unlikely Very unlikely       
How likely are you to recommend HCX programs to others?
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Suggestions for future HCX programs & Additional Comments:


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