AFSA Fitter Training Survey
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AFSA is conducting a brief survey of those who are actively enrolled in the AFSA fitter training program.  This training series has been offered for nearly 30 years now nationwide and, as you know, is continuously updated.  
Feedback from participants like yourself is critical to the continued success of this training.  Thank you for taking time to complete this quick survey.
Required 1.

Have you registered your apprenticeship training program:

at the State level?
at the Federal level?
Other, please comment.
No, our program is not registered.
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Required 2.

Does your company provide classroom training in conjunction with your fitter apprenticeship training?

For the purpose of this survey, classroom training is defined as in-person instruction, separate from on-the-job (field) training, between instructor/supervisor and student(s) and typically utilizes the textbook or other study materials.

If yes, how frequently is classroom training provided?
Other, please comment
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Required 4.

Do you utilize any of the following training tools in your fitter apprenticeship program?  Please check all that apply.

One-on-one training between fitter and supervisor/instructor
AFSA Apprenticeship Instructor Guides
AFSA apprentice training DVDs (accompanies your AFSA course purchase)
Other DVD or video instruction
Manufacturer-led training on specific products
Webinars (live, real-time training led by live instructor)
Live seminars offered by others outside of your company
Online training (not live, available 24/7)
Proctored testing (student completes AFSA tests under proctored supervision)
None of these. Our students simply use the textbooks only as a self-study.
Other training offered internally by our company. Please specify.
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Required 5.

Do you use the Instructor Guides (available for separate purchase) that correspond with your student's apprentice trainee guides?

If no, and you would like more information, be sure and email us for details.

No, I wasn't aware of them.
No, I know about them, but am not interested.
Required 6.

Does your apprenticeship program have recognized standards with defined work processes?

Not applicable
Required 7.

How many apprentices are you currently training?

Required 8.
Do you offer apprenticeship training to all of your eligible field employees?
Yes 100% of them
Some -- about 75-99% of them
Some -- about 50-74% of them
Some -- about 25-49% of them
Some -- less than 25% of them
Required 9.

What can AFSA do to enhance your fire sprinkler fitter apprenticeship training program?


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Required 10.

What is the best feature of AFSA's fitter apprenticeship training program?


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Required 11.
Does your company encourage participation in AFSA's National Apprenticeship Competition each year?  If not, please explain.
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Required 12.
Last, but not least, let us know who you are.
This also confirms your eligibility to receive the (2) free retake codes.

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