Are you interested in Presenting or Teaching in the Depth Alliance community?
Depth Psychology Alliance is gauging members' interest in becoming Depth Educators for the Community Education Program. Please fill out this short survey to indicate your potential interest and contribution for this exciting opportunity.
List up to five topics you would be interested in sharing with the Depth Alliance community (This is meant to be general so just a one-line summary of each is fine)

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In what formats would you be willing or able to present your material to the community?
Pre-recorded Audio Presentation
30 or 60-minute Live Teleseminar
30 or 60-minute Live Webinar (using PowerPoint)
Written Online Discussion Group: You Provide Curriculum, Reading Assignments, Response
Online Discussion Group Moderator on a Designated Topic, No Set Curriculum (i.e. Shamanism, Addiction, etc.)
In-Person Presenter at a Conference
Audio Interview for Depth Insights Radio
Written Interview for Depth Insights
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Would you be willing to present or participate as a Community Educator more than once during the year?
Probably, But Not Sure Yet
No, Once is Enough
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Would you prefer to co-present with another person? 

No, I prefer to present alone
Yes, and I already have a set presentation with another person ready to go
Yes, and I have someone in mind, but no set presentation yet
Yes, but I would need some help finding a co-presenter I can build a presentation with
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Why are you interested in presenting to the Depth Alliance community? (Select all that apply)
To give something back to the Depth community
To promote my particular topic because I believe in it
To promote other events or offerings I have outside of the Alliance
To gain exposure as a presenter
To gain exposure for my book
To be able to add it to my resume
To gain experience
To make some extra income
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What are your credentials/qualifications?

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What is your level of experience as a presenter? 

Many years of experience on this/these topic(s)
Many years of experience but not on this/these topic(s)
Many years of experience using some of these formats but not all ( please comment below if needed)
Some experience but fairly new to presenting
Little to no experience, but wanting to try it
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Would you be willing to offer presentations pro bono, or in which Depth Psychology Alliance receives the proceeds? 

No, I require some compensation
I'm not sure yet
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How comfortable are you with technology and/or online navigation?
Very. I can usually figure stuff out on my own.
Somewhat. If I have some orientation or training, I can usually manage.
Not very much, but I can try if I have some in-depth training.
Not at all.
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Please list your contact information if you would like to be considered for participation as a Depth Educator in the Depth Psychology Alliance Community Ed program

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